Managed Logix

Sell Faster And Improve Customer Experience Simplified Technology Solutions

Our aim is to simplify technology solutions.

We believe that great technology should be affordable and available to every business – startups, mid-sized to large organizations.

Managed Logix is a software product Development Company that delivers a portfolio of web based communication solutions, which enable contact centers to improve operational effectiveness, boost ARPU and increase overall profitability.

Accelerate Sales Performance

Effective Lead Management that helps improve lead assignment, lead follow up, lead conversion, and ensures every lead is nurtured and closed. With Managed Logix you’re not just buying software, you are getting solutions to increase the value of your leads while ensuring your sales team is working each lead to its full potential.

Contact one of our Business Development Representatives to see how your call center or sales team can improve their pipeline of closed deals.

Leading Cloud VOIP

Managed Logix’s range of Cloud VOIP Services is designed to meet your specific Business requirements. We offer off the shelf IVR, PBX and Contact Center cloud services. Our Services allow businesses to implement state of the art VOIP solution that allows tracking and analyzing of all Business interactions.

Increase Sales & Revenue
with Call Tracking and Recording

Save time and boost conversion rates by identifying the marketing channels and campaigns that make your phone ring. Managed Logix’s Call Tracking System enables you can track calls from anywhere – online and offline, hence, helping you to assess the true ROI of your campaigns.