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Our digital marketing agency help more than 80 companies increase consumer loyalty and find new customers online. Here you’ll find just a selection of our expert work. Take a look at some of the results we’ve delivered so far…

Our full-fledged digital marketing agency has helped more than 80 businesses increase their customer base and find new customers online. Now, this is the part where eLogix walksthe talk and provides you with the results of our collaboration with satisfied clients. Peruse our case studies and then find out for yourself why we’re the digital marketing agency of choice for these companies.

We collaborate.
We take a personal approach with every client we collaborate with, and with every project we work on. This means that we do not just rely on our expertise to do the job. We also believe that a huge part of the project involves the clients themselves. As far as your preferences are concerned, this remains to be our top priority.
This is why one of the first things eLogix does if you collaborate with us is that we will sit down and find out your reasons and objectives for putting up your business. This will enable us to see your vision from your perspective. We believe that it is important for us to build strong connections with our clients in order to yield better results.

We put a personal touch.
What gives eLogix the edge over our competitors is our ability to add a personal touch to everything we do! Because we know how important our projects are to you, we make it our personal goal to give you exactly what you are looking for – and more. We turn everything into a personal experience.
So if you are looking for a digital marketing partner who can deliver the visions that you have for your business and brand, we are the team to help you out. eLogix adds that personal touch to the way we work, taking your brand’s mission and vision as our own.
This is how we become the best people for the job. We create the kind of environment that is the perfect mix of personalized service and professional expertise.
We are very proud of the work we’ve done with these clients. But best not to take our word for it – justtake a look at our gallery of case studies and see for yourself how we work.

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